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Wibowo Sulistio

Web Designer and Developer

Let’s Work Together

I do full-stack web development with WordPress, from server at the back to UI at the front. Focusing on elegant, responsive, performant, scalable and secure websites that are intuitive for both site visitors and admins. Working on commercial client projects, probono non-profit projects, public-service projects and smaller volunteer and personal gigs. Anything from design-focused builds and complete rebuild projects, to custom builds integrating with and between 3rd party APIs and services.

My WordCamp Talk

Pro bono work is fun and rewarding. In this talk, you will find real world examples of pro bono dev projects I’ve done over the years, how they solve different sets of problems for the beneficiaries, and how they level up my skill set as a web designer and developer.

Probono work is not just about having a better-looking portofolio. When you give back to society, you receive back as much, if not more.

This talk was delivered at WordCamp Denpasar 2016.